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    This fascinating set of materials from Elza and Chris Lusher is based on the principles of Kodály teaching, enabling very young children to start their musical education before they can read notated music or understand the alphabet. Maggie Williams, International Piano magazine

    All recommended starting material sold together at a 16% discount:

    1. Dogs and Birds - Book 1 (Animal Notes Edition) - info
    2. Dogs and Birds - Book 1 (Blank Notes Edition) - info
    3. Notes to Book 1 for Parents and Teachers, Including CD - info
    4. Small Animal Tiles - info
    5. Coloured Staves - info
    6. Music Manuscript Book (4 Staves per Page) - info

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    1. Superb

      Superb product. Excellent quality. I purchased this for my adult son (22, autism, non-verbal, challenging behaviour). It was difficult finding a piano teacher willing to teach him. A piano teacher friend suggested trying this method. He and I are loving learning this easy way. He practises without prompting. He switched to the blank book by lesson for. The parent notes and so useful to me as a novice. The best thing about these products and method is the focus on musicality and reading music from day 1. I would recommend to all, the very young and especially special needs. So happy we discovered this. It has added a new creative outlet to our lives. on 26th Jul 2019

    2. Great materials even for a three-year-old

      We love these books as our three-year-old son gets the method behind it and is picking up things quite well. on 30th Jun 2019

    3. Excellent for five year old

      I have just started using the series with a new pupil who is five and has a short weekly lesson with me. Her older sister has lessons already and the younger one was very keen to start.
      After three lessons she has really taken to it - as has her Dad. So far she can locate all the dogs, birds and eggs in any register and is already reading the rhythms accurately.
      We are using 'owl' fingers which I find excellent as it stops her making a fist and playing everything with the same finger.
      My only criticism is that the egg picture can be confused with the bird and goose ones. I think, with Granny's help (she brings the girls for their lesson), that we are now clear about the difference as we sort them into the correct piles before starting.
      I have a couple of very young children on my waiting list and will definitely be using Dogs and Birds with them when they start.
      on 21st Mar 2018

    4. Fantastic for teachers starting to use this method

      I received this package 2 weeks ago and have been using it with my grandsons ages 4 and 5 years old. This package offers teachers all they need to start using this method. I use the staff board with all my beginning students regardless of the method.
      Both grandsons love the "story" idea of this method. Every week we have new and exciting adventures with the animals. They can both identify the keys of D, B and E on the keyboard and on the staff. The colored hands is a wonderful teaching tool as children of this age struggle with the idea of left and right. I have been teaching for over 35 years and this is the best method I have seen and now used for children ages 4-5.
      on 19th Feb 2018

    5. Love it!

      This is one of those products that i'd have never heard of were it not for our piano teacher. Everyone at the school loves her, and one of the reasons they love her is that she uses dogs and birds.
      it is fun, easy to use, and just the best way of teaching a little one piano in a joyful way that i have ever come across
      on 23rd Aug 2017

    6. Excellent Resource

      These beginner packs are terrific for very young pianists. Students do not need to know how to write or recognise numbers or letters, as the animal tiles make note recognition an enjoyable and memorable way to build their musical knowledge. The emphasis on singing and maintaining a pulse is paramount and these books put these skills first. I shall be recommending the Dogs and Birds method to other teachers! on 19th Oct 2016

    7. Best tool for young children to learn piano.

      Best tool for young children to learn piano the fun and easy way.
      My 4 year old absolutely love this idea of using animals for the notes. It is so much easier to focus and still have fun learning an instrument.
      on 26th May 2016

    8. A piano teaching method I was looking for a long time ago!

      I was looking for a piano method for 3 1/2 / 4 year olds long time ago and I am very pleased that I found "Dogs and Birds". The idea is great and it leaves a lot of room for teacher's creativity during the teaching process at the same time.

      Thanks a lot! I can't wait to try it!
      on 19th May 2016

    9. great product for little children who want to learn how to play the piano

      great product for little children who want to learn how to play the piano.

      It would be great if the tiles were magnetic though...
      on 11th Apr 2016

    10. Excellent for Creative work

      This fun product suits a range of age groups depending on developmental needs, and can be flexibly used to reinforce note names, or to develop compositional skills on 2nd Feb 2016

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