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Dogs and Birds

Simple piano & keyboard books for children

Dogs and Birds is a highly successful way to teach the piano to very young children, from around ages 3 to 7.

These simple piano books for children use animals to symbolize musical notes, for example Dog for D, Bird for B and Cat for C.

The animals are printed inside the notes to help children read the music. The children can sing the monosyllabic animal names as they play the notes, thus developing musicality and their inner ear.

Studying in this way is proven to provide an enjoyable and strong foundation for children wishing to learn any instrument.


Book 1
Book 1 is a first piano/keyboard tutor for very young children that is fun, yet systematic. It is unique in that it allows even a three year old to read, sing and play directly from the musical score with some parental help.
Book 2
In Book 2 children meet more complex musical structures. At this stage finger numbers are strongly recommended, and students need to master harder piano/keyboard pieces, but the rhythm is still relatively simple.

Nursery Rhyme/Famous Melodies Book
Fun for the whole family. This book contains 23 simple, well-known melodies everybody loves. This book comes in two editions.

The two editions can be used in parallel, depending on the child's ability and interest. They can be purchased as a set at a reduced price.

Approved by Experts

It is a real treat to discover a new and imaginative approach to teaching the piano which really works and is completely accessible and user-friendly. Read more... Faye Caley, Music Teacher magazine

This fascinating set of materials from Elza and Chris Lusher is based on the principles of Kodály teaching, enabling very young children to start their musical education before they can read notated music or understand the alphabet. Read more... Maggie Williams, International Piano magazine

A great idea... definitely an important contribution in an area not over-endowed with good things. Read more... John York, Piano magazine

This systematic, Kodály-influenced approach uses excellent familiar folk and classical material which my students truly loved. Read more Karen Marshall, Music Teacher Magazine

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Complete Music Set

Books & Resources for Learning Piano

  • Two volumes of keyboard music (obtainable in both animal and blank notes editions).
  • Supplementary notes to Book 1 for parents and teachers, including CD.
  • Animal Tiles note markers and a coloured set of staves.
  • Music manuscript books.
  • Complete music set for beginners: all resources for teaching young beginners combined in a single package at a discounted price.
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