Register of Teachers

This register contains the details of teachers who have experience of using the Dogs and Birds method and who are happy to take on new pupils who wish to be taught using this approach. Click on Teachers' List in order to display the register.

If you are a teacher and wish to add your details to the register then if you have a Dogs and Birds Account you can do this from your account page. You should log in with your email address and password, click “Join our Teachers’ Register” and fill out the form. Alternatively email your details to us at and we will add you to the Register. Also please email us if you wish to amend your details.

Dogs and Birds offers 10% educational discount for teachers on all non-bundled products. The bundled products (the beginners’ set, the specials, and the small animal tiles and coloured staves when sold together) are already sold at a significant discount. If you are a private teacher or a peripatetic teacher in a school then you quality for this discount. You can apply for a teachers' account either from your Dogs and Birds account page or by emailing us at

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